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I am very open about Outsourcing as there is a lot of skepticism which surrounds it.  Hopefully I can put some of these to rest.


In-house Outsourcing


If managed successfully, outsourcing can help your business reduce its costs and make effective use of the knowledge and technical resources provided by other professionals such as myself.  However, you should consider whether the benefits of outsourcing a function outweigh the costs prior to taking any further action.


I assure you of the following should you wish to outsource to me:

- the process will be properly managed and monitored;

- anything done on your business' behalf will be done professionally and effectively at all times, as reflection on both your business and mine is directly effected;

- flexibility;

- low cost best practice


Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on what you do best, save money, be more flexible and manage growth effectively.




A further cost effective outsourcing solution.  E-Outsourcing is offered to businesses remotely from site and provides all the above advantages over e-mail, telephone and internet.


Advantages of using e-outsourcing:

- Reduced costs - you only pay for services when you use them, with little or no investment in new equipment, staff or training;

- Greater efficiency - you don't need a complex IT network or a specialist IT department;

- Better use of people - staff can concentrate on business-critical and value-added operations

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