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As part of the survey process, not only the physical measuring of a property can be captured.  At the same time we can also provide a full photographic portfolio and full detailed condition report of the project - if required.


Having a photographic record of a project, taken at the time of the survey can be a valuable portfolio of evidence to back up the revised drawings, not only that, but coupled with a condition report can provide a full and detailed account of the existing behaviours and current state of the site.


This in its self is vital when projecting costs of any proposed refurbishment, extension or conversion and will inevitably save costs in the longer term, preventing reactive planning mid way through the project.


Contact me now to discuss your requirements which could potentially save ££££'s off the cost of your project.

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I will visit your Store and provide a detailed survey of your building, including electrical, mechanical and other services locations and types using AutoCAD and Leica survey equipment.


An add-on to the building survey, we can also capture your existing equipment, the location, size, height and type of equipment in relation to your building. Done at the same time can save costs.


To provide an accurate audit of your store for stock take or refurbishment, I can provide a fully comprehensive merchandising survey.  There are two stages to this survey, stage one is a simple bay by bay linear count and analysis provided in a tabular format, or stage two which involves a more in-depth approach, providing a fully detailed planogram and tabular report of each bay.